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Colombia - Aponte Honey

Colombia - Aponte Honey

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What we taste - Floral, Peach, Sugar Blossom

*Please note that we roast our coffee on Tuesday and ship out orders on Wednesday

Region: El Tablon, Nariño
Elevation: 1800-2100 MASL
Process: Honey Process
Importer: Forest Green Coffee


From the importer:

In the Southeast of Colombia, in the region of Nariño, is where the Inga tribe lives in Aponte, which comes from the Inca civilization which expanded long time ago by the Andes trails. This indigenous community, has very strong pillars towards the mother earth and preserving the wild life and their customs, it's a region which was strongly hit by the "Guerillas" in the past, and had many difficulties to stay ahead of all this problems. Nonetheless, Aponte has become very famous for their production of Coffee, and most of all for their honey processes, which has brought a whole new face to their name and many opportunities to grow and preserve their lands in the best way posible. When we hade the opportunity to visit them, we had the pleasure of understanding how important it is to be "the Guardians" of the earth, which as said by them, is the main reason of having good health, good family and said by us "Very good coffee". This is our first time being able to work hand by hand with the Inga`s coffee farmers, and we are looking forward to expanding this beautifull way of producing coffees with a focus on preserving earht.

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