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Costa Rica Tarrazú Seis Familias Honey Process


What we taste - Fig Newton, Caramelized Sugar, Dried Fruit 

Cincinnati Kosher Certified 

*Please note that we roast our coffee on Tuesday and ship out orders on Wednesday
Region: Tarrazú
Producers: Paul Ureña, Verny Navarro, Daniela Gutierrez, Carlos Castro,
Leo Mora, Allan Vargas

Variety: Catuai &Caturra
Process: Honey 
Elevation: 1500-1800 MASL

Importer: Ally Coffee

From the importer:
Tarrazú Seis Familias is a collaborative blend involving six coffee producing families throughout the Tarrazú growing region of Costa Rica. Due to the market slow- down caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic, many farmers were left with unsold coffee because of can- celled contracts and the limited sale of microlots. CECA S.A., an exporting partner of Ally Coffee in Costa Rica, had the idea that by combining unsold coffees into different blends it would be possible to still sell these coffees and continue supporting producers through this otherwise challenging time. In the cupping lab they found that these six coffees were the best combination for a blend, and we’re very happy to be able to offer the results of this collaboration.
All of the coffees were Honey processed, which has become very common across the Tarrazú region. The freshly harvested cherries are depulped using eco-pulpers that don’t use any water for the depulping process. The coffee is then set out to ferment and dry on raised drying beds at each of the family’s facilities.

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